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Temple Out Side Speaker Over Loud Sound In Morning &evening 08-Dec-13 01:33pm
Respected sir/mam, I Am gurmeet Singh area bhai himmat
singh nagar b block , Sai baba ji temple is opp my house they
have put loud speaker over roof of temple which is they
making over loud sound early morning ,our children creating
lots off trouble his study ,mother is also creating trouble ,I &
lots of people made request lots of time to temple trust but
they are doing anything so pls i am requesting pls close his
speakers we will very thanks full to you
Not Running Electricity Meter 04-Dec-13 09:59am
BY: Mahendra kr. rajwar Reply
J75PC280606L this meter is not running well my mob no is 7814870588
Wrong Bill 01-Dec-13 11:25am
I am 100% sure this time there is error in our bill.It is very huge.We were not here
and it is not at all possible to have the bill of Rs.6430/-.Kindly rectify the error
and tell me the units consumed.My MOBILE NO. IS 9872801480.
Sfsfsfsdf 30-Nov-13 11:36pm
BY: Test Reply
Carelessness Of Hospital 19-Nov-13 04:52pm
BY: Meenakshi sharma Reply
With due respect it is submitted that the private hospitals get empanelled
with the govt /army with the categorical and specific assurance that they shell
provide the medical facility and treatment to the govt employees / army personnel /
ex serviceman with high standard as provided in the govt / army hospitals . But I
have the personal experience that the Fortis Escort Hospital Amritsar has
completely failed to provide such treatment to my father , an ex service man.
Rather the doctors of this hospital treated my father in a very casual manner and
instead of treating him for the real cause / disease , they adopted short
cut method that too on wronged diagnose which resulted into his death.
Loss Of Water 12-Nov-13 03:02pm
BY: Manav Gill Reply
There is a water connection which serves on one and its not required to anyone at the
back of 570-A Model Town Ext-II which has no tap and always remain open . So that
water flow freely always. its a great loss of water which is very precious for
Refund Of Charges For Properties Prior To 1995 09-Oct-13 01:51pm
BY: Ravinder Singh Brar Reply
Ludhiana Tribune report today says,persons who deposited regularization charges for
properties prior to 1995 on time(7-10-13) will not get refund as per MC official. Law
abiding will be penalised-strange.The Govt should restraint such officials who go
against law;Refund is legal right
Mc Ludhiana Website 08-Oct-13 10:24am
BY: Suresh kakkar Reply
The website of Ludhiana MC not working for last two days. May be much before that.
How to pay online water and sewerage bills.
Noise Pollution By Royal Enfield Bikers 05-Oct-13 03:22pm
BY: Ajay kumar Reply
Sonia Textile A Co. In Ludhiyana Fraud And Cheating People. 22-Sep-13 03:53pm
BY: Shivi Tewari Reply
A co. called Sonia Textile In Ludhiyana is cheating people by taking money and not
responding back . I have their conatct Information . I was also a victim of this co.
I was asked to transfer rs. 7200/- in their bank a/c in exchange for a set of ladies
suit . It was howeevr never sent to me nor does any 1 reply to mails or phone calls.
No Response To My Compliant No. 347351 Dated 16th September 16-Sep-13 11:15pm
BY: K.R.Jain Advocate Reply
Sir, My three phase connection was lost from the pole after heavy strom and rain on 15th night and 16th morning. I registered complaint no. 347351 but even after 12 hours no one has come to help. I repeatedly called help line no. 0161-5055510 and they informed me that the compliant has been forwarded to Amritsar attended and his mobile number is 07589512997. I was advised to contact this number but unfortunately this gentleman rejected my calls. I sent him several SMS for help and finally he picked up the phone to inform me that help is on way. After 3 hours there was no help and so i visited Lawrence road office of PSEB. There was a man lying on cot, seemingly drunk and he asked me to go to company gardens for help. I could not find any office in company gardens and called again this official with phone number 07589512997. He still said that he will take care and put down the phone without answering me properly. It is now more than 12 hours and I am without electricity. Only one phase is working and 2 are dead. No one is there to listen to my complaint or offer any help. The ludhiana helpline says that they only take compliants but implementation is duty of local official. The local official with mobile no,07589512997 is no taking care. What shall I do to get help and support??? Please advice? Thanks and regards, K.R.Jain ADVOCATE Mobile no. 9356000801
Sewage Blockage 16-Sep-13 09:12pm
BY: Gurinder pal singh walia Reply
I am residence of H.No 641 Phase -2, Urban Estate, Dugri, Ludhiana. Our sewage is blocked due to which dirty water is flowing in the open. stench is there all over and mosquitoes may increase in the wet area. kindly depute MC official to visit above given address to grab the problem.
Wring Practices By Parking Contractors In Ludhiana 15-Sep-13 09:59pm
BY: Sanjeev Arora Reply
It is very bad to put a Parking Fee for the vehichle to be park on the side of Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana. But the Parking Contractors are making the benefit of it by charging Rs. 30 even for 10 Mins instead of Min Rs. 10 fixed by the Municipal Corporation. There is no control of MCL on these contractors & they are making money. Request you to pls. look into these practices & get the country to be a right path.
Stray Dogs Creating A Terror 31-Aug-13 08:21am
BY: Ka Reply
I have been trying to get a hold of any city official who is either responsible/accountable/ethical about their job and guide a resident of their esteemed city to the right department but it has been a wastage of time so far. Isn't this city Manchester of India? Wow! if British find out about this they might consider changing the name of their city to save them from embarrassment. I kindly urge Municipal Corporation Ludhiana to kindly take stray dogs problem seriously at Bindraban road near ISKON temple.Everyday some is attacked by these dogs and their population is increasing significantly. I hope you will have some courtesy and provide a relief to honorary citizens of India. Any kind of help will be of great importance. Thank for your time and patience.
Street Light Illegal Connection To Home 18-Aug-13 09:55pm
BY: Amanz2000 Reply
Vinay is employe in muncipal corporation in street light department he has tanken illegal connection of street light from pole to his home showing that he is giving that connection to tube light that he had fitted on his house but its fraude from that wire he has given connection to his half house specialy to his air conditioner which runs 24 hours as his electric bill comes all ways less and his electric meter is also stopped sometimes.i request you to check his house load connection and to disconnect that wire connection. If govt. Employe do so then what all other willl do..his address new janta nagar ludhiana
Thnking you...
I dnt want to disclose myself...but i now action will be taken
Landline Telephone Bills Not Received 13-Aug-13 02:34pm
BY: Ashok Kaushik Reply
My BSNL Landline telephone number is 2670049,this is located in HM colony ,Infront of
Vishwanath Mandir, Jamalpur,Ludhiana area.
Till date I am making payments of all BSNL Landline bills through Online payment
System, I shifted my house from HL colony to HM colony two months before, till then I
am not receiving my Landline telephone bills at my new address : HM-201,H M
Colony,Infront of Vishwanath Mandir,Jamalpur Colony,Ludhiana,pls solve my problem
Complaint About Stray Dogs 05-Aug-13 09:00am
BY: Prof P.K.Keshap Reply
I have seen that many other people of J-Block too have made the complaints about the
stray dogs. Please act.

This is an endevour of Mind Power Spoken English to make society safe for living.
Stray Dogs In J-block, B.r.s Nagar, Ludhiana. 05-Aug-13 08:51am
BY: Prof P.K.Keshap Reply
About a month ago, I complained on 10th July (here below)that stray dogs are a
menace and special reference was made to a black she dog in MC Park 278. Today's
news in Ludhiana Tribune "Stray dogs maul child to death" has again alerted my mind
to this menace in the area. The report says: Stray dogs mauled a 2-year-old child
to death in Dholanwala village , near here . Perhaps the administration is waiting
for this kind of happening and report.

Why not act before the happening so that a life or lives may be saved?

I again request the administration to please take immediate action and save the
children from the menace of stray dogs in J-Block and in Park No. 278.
Stray Dogs 03-Aug-13 11:04am
BY: Silky Taneja Narula Reply
Mam/ sir
stray dogs have created nuisance in our locality in sarabha nagar J block . we cant
even step out of our homes .
pls do something
Water Bill 01-Aug-13 08:34pm
BY: Taranjit Reply
School Authority Demand Money For Certifiacte 25-Jul-13 09:38am
BY: Vivek sharma Reply
Dear i have come to know that all scholl authority demand money for get the
certificate of 10th pseb board . when i talk with there helpline number mohali pseb
they say scholl have not any right to charge any money for certificate .. so please
help me by spread this news to all luhdina
Counselling Services 20-Jul-13 02:53pm
BY: Prabh Preet Reply
Please visit for any counseeling services especially realted to
Not Attending The Phone. 15-Jul-13 01:10pm
BY: Vijay Kumar Reply
Sir , i called haibowal branch 01612-2311755 so many times .but they are unabnle to response my call. everytime i call but no response from other side.

Plz do the needful sir.
Fraudulent Activity On The Name Of Ntc Control,ludhiana. 11-Jul-13 09:31pm
BY: PS Chaudhary Reply
Respected Sir,

On 18-05-2013 my nephew had called to the job interview
for the Assistant engineer post on the name of company named - NTC
Control,Industrial Area, Ludhiana.
He Appeared in interview and they selected him and taken 500 Rs as security.
After 3 days they called on mobile to deposit the id and 1500
Rs.After depositing they called again to deposit 12000 Rs as security money 3 days later.
He has deposited 12000 Rs and they give receipt of all the amount which he has
deposited on the name of
Ntc Coontrol, Ludhiana. They also give the appointment letter of company.
They asked on 23
May to came on 7th June. On 7th june they ask to come on 15th june
by phone on mobile.
There are lot of other candidates who make their complaints on website, - with their mobile numbers.
you can check it out.

Usefull information for Investigation -
The person who is calling for interview telling his name as Gaurav.
They call at - NTC CONTROL Plot no.-179, near Punjab trade centre,
industrial estate,
My mobile no. - 9413588718
Stray Dog 10-Jul-13 09:50pm
BY: Prof P.K.Keshap Reply
The Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana. Madam/Sir, a black she stray dog in front of the
houses in Municipal Park No. D-278, J-Block, B.R.S Nagar, Ludhiana has become a
nuisance for the people and children. It is not given anti-rabies injection and it
can bite the children or elder any time. Please help.

Misc. Charges In Bills 10-Jul-13 12:51pm

I do not understand why you have added Rs.4600/- as Misc. Charges in Electricity

As Per My Form 26as Income Tax Of Rs.1500/- Deducted 05-Jul-13 05:26pm
As per form 26AS for the financial year 2012-13, Rs.1500/- has been deducted from the
income credited for (Rs.27719+Rs.27719+Rs.33994) on 17/10/2012. Whereas in actual
there is no such income is credited to my account and this has been done by some one
from your department of PSEB having TAN AMRP10162F. Please take needful action to
correct the same at your end.
Bsnl Computers Not Regstrering Complaints 29-Jun-13 10:02pm
BY: Raghubir Singh Uppal Reply
i have tried to lodge complaint regarding reapir vi fi.But failed to the presence self registering machines thestaff becomes relutant leaves for the machines.please assureboth the systems are working.
Dr R S Uppal
Mutation After Sale Deed At Ludhiana West 23-Jun-13 11:57am
BY: Chander Shekhar Monga Reply
Kind attention Sh. Rahul Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana.
Regarding wasika No. 2659 and 2661 both dated 16-05-2012
Sir, Photocopy of Mutation supplied by the Tehsildar Ludhiana (West) after
execution of sale deed is merely a piece of paper, as it is neither sealed/stamped
or signed by any authority. Hence, it can not be considered a legal document,
Kindly issue necessary directions to the concerned authority to issue me a proper
copy of mutation duly sealed and signed. Thanks.
Mutation After Sale Deed 18-Jun-13 11:14pm
BY: Chander Shekhar Monga Reply
It will be appreciated if the grievances of the public are redressed speedily by the
district administration

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