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Where to Stay in Ludhiana

Where to Stay in Ludiana Visitor's first impressions to Ludhiana may understandably be not that positive. However, there are numerous attractions in Ludhiana, which provide a fabulous glimpse into Punjabi culture and history. Forts, Gurudwaras, temples and museums can be found in the Ludhiana District and the markets throng with the combination of the Punjabi and Western way of life. Driving or walking through the Bazaars is a surreal experience, with an endless stream of hosiery goods, eating joints & cafes, convenience stores and big historical clock tower.

Anytime is the best time to visit Ludhiana. During each of the different season Ludhiana tends to get adorned with distinctive shades. But for those who are scared of extreme heat and extreme chill, the best period is the period between February to the mid of April. It is this particular period of time that the tourists from far and wide usually prefer to visit Ludhiana. Hence, the hotels and lodges usually remain bustling with customers and boarders. If you are able enough to tolerate the chill of Ludhiana then you can visit the city during the months November, December and January. It is during the month of November when the winter start to fall in Ludhiana and the nights are usually very cold.

There are numerous hotels and lodges in Ludhiana and almost all of them try to give every possible facility to their respective customers. Although it cannot be denied that all the hotels are not of same category but the majority of them take utmost care of their boarders. Click on the link below to find out the best hotels & estaurants of Ludhiana: -


Finding a good and reliable hotel or a restaurant is not a big deal for the tourists visiting Ludhiana. But it is advisable to steer clear of the roadside substandard food centers.