Zero-B Ultimate Reverse Osmosis System
The only system that removes Total dissolved solids (TDS), bad taste, odour & all Bacteria, Viruses, Kidney stones & Heart disease problems completely.


ION EXCHANGE: Water is the essence of life. Caring for this precious natural resource is ION Exchange (India) Ltd, endeavor since it's inception in 1964.
ION Exchange (India) Ltd, ushered in Total Water Care Solutions for domestic household and institutional application through its Customer Products Division.

Zero-B Ultimate Water Softener
A state-of-art water conditioning system which removes Calcium & Magnesium from the water by passing through Resin Media.

Conditioned Water Keeps Everything Cleaner

Thus using conditioned water is like performing preventive maintenance on costly appliance.

No scale build-up, deposits and clogging.
Efficient heat exchange, less energy consumption.
Reduces repairs and servicing problems and costs.
Longer life of kitchen appliance, sanitary ware, bathroom fittings.
No hard water spots and streaks, any scum formation and deposits.
No staining of tiles, bath tubs and flush tanks.
No scaling in taps, pipes, geysers and hand showers.
Easy to wash floors, tiles and walls.

Benefits of Using Zero-B Ultimate RO System

Fully Automatic water treatment system.
Reduces dissolved salts like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium that cause Kidney stones, Heart disease etc.
The only system that reduces Heavy Metals & Chemicals like Lead, Copper, Iron, Mercury, Arsenic, Fluoride etc.
Reduction of Total Dissolved Salts by 90%
Reduces Salinity and Brackishness to give crystal clear, natural tasting water
Zero-B Ultimate RO System the only system that removes Bad tastes, Odours & all Bacteria and Viruses completely.

Zero-B Ultimate Watermart Offers You

  A One-stop solution Centre for all types of water related problems that affects not only your health but also
  the expensive gadgets and fixtures of your home.

  A single point solution every architect, interior designer and homemaker has been looking for.

  It provides you a total clinical approach to identify the problem, its various affects and complete
  comprehensive and holistic solution for all water contamination problems.

  Our technically sound work team at the Watermart will provide full consultation for optimal solutions that
  are custom made for each of the clients.


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