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Sahnewal - A Town of Ludhiana

SahnewalSahnewal town is situated on Ludhiana - Ambala, G.T.Road. Sanehwal is also known for its association with Dharminder the film star, who was born and brought up here. An aerodrome and pilot training centre is also established near it.

The religious & historical aspects of Sahnewal Town are also there. The tyrannical rule of Aurangzeb was at its peak in his times. The Guru Gobind Singh ji began a battle against injustice and religious bigotry. Obsessed with the ideal of justice, brotherhood and equality, he treaded the thorny path. In the times of oppression, Guruji had to vacate the fort of Chamkaur and reach Machhiwara. Two pathans saved his life from the imperial troops and carried him in a cushioned palanquin, declaring him the ‘Pir of Uchch.’

Passing through villages like Ghulal, Katani, Rampur, and Kanaaich, Guruji arrived at Sahnewal on December 27, 1704. In search of a place for respite, he found a tree known by the name of ‘Kareer’ and rested his back against it. Then he sent a man to call the panchayat of the area. The panchayat did not turn up and the man gave a false statement that no panchayat existed at the place. Guruji, the enlightened saint, being aware of the truth gave the verdict that henceforth, no panchayat will ever be formed in the area. He got up to go. He had just started moving when some women circled him and obstructed his way. Since then, the place has come to be known as ‘Ghera Sahib.’ The devoted ladies asked for forgiveness on the behalf of panchayat. Then the Guru softened his words and said several religious-minded people would do justice from time to time. It is heard that panchayats are formed at the place, but never gather to decide an issue. The gurudwara is built near Dussehra Grounds. It is also called as Damdama Sahib.

Leaving the place, the Guru reached Nandpur, a village situated in the heart of Sahnewal. He plucked a twig from a tree by the name of ‘Reru’ to clean his teeth. Then he rested for the whole day under the shade of the tree. The place became auspicious with the holy touch of his feet and a gurdwara was constructed at the place, named ‘Reru Sahib.’ The tree, even after so many years, bears green leaves and is being supported by walls due to its unbearable weight.

Then Guru Gobind Singh reached Tibba. When he was refused water by the people, Guruji started a fountain of water by shooting an arrow into the sandy land. He drank water and distributed it among others, too. Here too, he gave a verdict: who in full faith bathes in this water, would see his wishes fulfilled. The villagers, on knowing the true identity of this enlightened man, caught his feet and begged for forgiveness. Gurdwara Somasar, as the place is called today, is situated on the link road of Sahnewal-Dehlon. A beautiful gate leads to the gurdwara and the holy water of the place is used by people to relieve themselves of troubles and sins.

Thus, Sahnewal has three historically sacred places where the Guru made his presence felt. These places embody the memories of the time when the Guru with wisdom and courage, strength and power, imperiled not only his own life but also sacrificed his entire family in the Herculean task that he undertook. Every auspicious day is celebrated with fervor in these gurdwaras. Great gatherings in the form of ‘sangat’ come from far and near to feel the presence of the Guru. The ‘sangat’ upholds the real worth of ‘seva’ and ‘simran’ for which the Guru preached throughout his life. A prayer performed here in full faith, the ‘sangat’ believes, never goes in vain.