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Apollo Hospitals Ludhiana has started distributing nebulizers free of cost to all the schools in Ludhiana

In response to the recent mishappening at a school in Vasant Vihar New Delhi where a 17-year-old Akkriti Bhatia died of an asthma attack, SPS Apollo Hospitals, Ludhiana has started distributing nebulizers free of cost to all the schools in Ludhiana. This is a preventive step to avoid any such incident in future, said Mr. Jugdiep Singh, Managing Director, while dispatching the team of doctors to various schools for free distribution and demonstration. According to Dr Dinesh Goyal, Sr Consultant Pulmonologist, Asthma is an inflammatory lung disease. Children who have asthma may experience coughing, wheezing or difficulty breathing. Asthma is also the top cause of school absenteeism. At home, when children's asthma flares up, they have their own nebulizer—breathing machine that delivers liquid medicine in the form of a mist to the airways. However, in whats becoming a problem that a lot of families are facing, is that their children can not keep two i.e. one at home and one at school. Carrying a nebulizer back and forth from home to school can be difficult for a child and potentially a health risk if the device is left behind or lost. Keeping this in mind SPS Apollo hospitals has started distributing nebulizers free of cost to all of the schools. According to Dr Akashdeep Singh, Sr. Consultant Pulmonologist, overall degradation in the environment, post-harvest season, dryness in the weather and suspended particles in the air have caused sudden spurt in the number of asthma patients. An average one out of every 13 school-age children has asthma 14.7 million school days are missed each year due to asthma. Asthma can be controlled through medical treatment and management of environmental triggers. Dr Akashdeep said that Nebulizers are useful for giving high doses of medication, but are generally prescribed only for people with severe asthma. Nebulizer sprays a fine liquid mist of medication through a mask, using oxygen or air under pressure, or by using an ultrasonic machine Nebulizers are easy to use and adapt to a variety of challenges, making them a continued favorite in schools and hospitals. The same nebulizer can be used to administer a variety of drugs, and can be adapted for use with a mouthpiece, adult or pediatric face mask. The nebulizers were distributed in Government Sr Secondary School- Bharat nagar Chowk , DAV Public School-BRS Nagar, DAV Public School-Pakhowal Road and DCM Presidency school –Chandigarh Road..Dr Dinesh Goyal and Dr Akashdeep Singh, Pulmonologists had personally visited various schools for demonstrating use of nebulizers. Within one week all other schools will be covered.

News By: Shri Paul Sharma
Photo By: Devi Dass Devgan