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Tata Agrico launches harrow disc in Ludhiana


Tata Agrico launched a brand new product, harrow disc. While addressing Sarvesh Kumar, chief Agrico and Retail Initiatives informed that harrow disc is basically a concave disc like structure, which is attached to a frame (harrow assembly), which in turn gets hooked to tractors. These discs are consumables, which get worn out during usage in the field. The harrow discs help in improving the productivity of the agricultural land in far lesser time, as compared to manual means. The longevity of these harrow discs is much more when compared to the discs that are available in the market at present. Kumar stated that with the pace of farm mechanisation stepping up in India, the demand for this product is expected to rise. Tata Agrico has launched the harrow disc to cater to the needs of highly mechanised northern states such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan to start with. This will also be rolled out across various other states in India. Prominent dignitaries from the farming world, entire community of harrow manufacturers; agricultural experts and representatives of various government bodies attended the event.