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Development Plan of Ludhiana

Master Plan of Ludhiana was initially prepared in the year 1971 was published in the govt. gazette. A number of residential urban development schemes and industrial focal points were planned as per the proposals of this master plan, keeping the ground conditions in view; this master plan was revised in the year 1985. Again the revision was made in the year 1992. But, unfortunately these revised master plans couldn't be notified in the official gazette, as there was no Act available under which these master plans could become the statutory documents. The implementation of proposals of these master plans couldn't be enforced as a result of which unplanned growth and haphazard growth continued to take place; ultimately resulted in chaos everywhere in the city deteriorating living as well as working conditions.

To save the cities/towns of Punjab from further deterioration and to provide systematic and planned development the Govt. of Punjab has enacted an Act called "The Punjab Regional Town Planning and Development Act, 1995" which provided for the preparation of master plan for cities/towns of Punjab. The department of Town and Country planning Punjab made local planned areas for Ludhiana (East) which was notified u/s 56 (I) the act, so as to prepare a comprehensive master plan for Ludhiana which will be a statutory document. But it is a lengthy process and requires a lot of time and energy. So for the time being a draft master plan Ludhiana for the year 2003-2021 was prepared on the old pattern so that location of different land uses, especially the location of industrial units may be guided in the near future, to enable the Punjab Pollution Control Board to decide about the licensing and location of different categories within or outside Municipal Corporation limit. (Report by Department Town Planning, Punjab).

Issues as per Ludhiana Draft Master Plan 2003-2021
The city faces multifarious problems, which are basically due to heavy influx of population especially of migratory labor & due to lack of enforcement at the level of local bodies etc. The main problems of the city are as under:

  1. Unplanned & haphazard growth of the city.
  2. Mixed traffic conditions on city roads hindering the smooth flow of traffic & faulty road geometric, Encroachment by vendors, Khokhas & hoardings on city roads.
  3. Traffic Management & lack of enforcement causes Accidents & environmental pollution.
  4. Mixed land use in the old parts of the city is also a major cause of pollution and traffic congestion.
  5. Lack of civic infrastructure like potable water supply & sewerage system.
  6. City lacks in parks & open spaces in old parts of the city.
  7. Lack of properly marked commercial areas due to which the mushrooming of shops in residential areas have come up.
  8. Discharging of untreated effluents in to the Buddha Nallah causing pollution of under ground water.

(Source MCL, Ludhiana)