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Traffic Park, Ludhiana

The ‘Traffic Park’ is located in Model Town & it is quite favourite place among children. It is the park of its kind, which is quite educative too as children while driving learns the rules of road safety. Concrete paths wander over the gently rolling slopes of this park; they are laid out to form "roads and intersections" and furnished with all sorts of road signs. This place, safe from heavy speeding vehicles is useful for children who are learning to cycle, and designed to teach them to use the road safely.

The basic purpose of Children Traffic is to impart necessary training/education on road safety to the younger generation. Going by the phrase “catch them young”, it is easy to teach the young children about traffic rules and regulations as compared to the grown up/elderly persons. The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. To make the Ludhiana roads accident-free and to bring down the accident-toll graph, it is necessary to educate the children about traffic rules and road-safety.

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