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Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort Ludhiana

The Town of Phillaur in which this Fort is located owes its origin to a Sanghera Jat Phul called the town after himself Phulnagar. Subsequently the Naru Rajputs under Rai Shahr Phillaur Fortwhose territory extended from Mau to Selkiana occupied it & when his son Rai Rattan Pal abandoned Mau & settled at Phillaur. The Jats Left the modern town dates from the time of Shah Jahan (1627-1658 A.D.) when the sites covered with ruins reoccupied having been selected for the erection of a Serai on the imperial line of road from Delhi to Lahore, of its earlier history nothing of interest is recorded.

On the rise of the Sikhs to power, one Sudh Singh Kakara, who made it the capital of a considerable Estate, seized the place. His family became extinct in 1807 & the place then fell in to the hands of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who recognized its importance as a frontier town commanding the most frequented ferry of the Satluj. Under his governor Mohkam Chand a strong force was stationed at Phillaur from 1808 to 1812.Phillaur Fort The Serai was converted in to a fort by the addition of a Fausse- Braye- Ditch & bastions a countermeasure to British occupation of Ludhiana Fort. The architect is said to have been an Italian engineer. When the Sikh garrison under S. Ranjodh Singh Majithia was withdrawn after the battle of Aliwal (January 28, 1848). Chaudhari Kutb-Ud-Din of Phillaur secured the keys of the Ford preserved them from Plunder & handed them over to Colonel Macheson & Brigadier Wheeler. When the British entered the Doab in the same year after the battle of Aliwal, a British cantonment was formed in the neighborhood of the Fort which continued to be occupied by native troops until 1857 when the detachment stationed there rebelled the Fort itself became an important artillery arsenal & magazine in 1883. The artillery & magazine were withdrawn from the Fort a detachment of native infantry was left as garrison in 1891. Even this detachment was withdrawn & the fort was handed over to the Police Department it is now occupied by Punjab Police Academy (formerly Police Training School established in January, 1892, it was raised to the status of a college in April 1967) & the Finger Print Bureau was established in August 1894 which has continued here since then.