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McDonald's Restaurant

The first highway outlet of McDonald’s, which opens its operation on 25th March 2002, is serving travellers and, Ludhianivis, perpetually on the lookout for good eating joints, burgers, pizza puffs, milk shakes and ice creams from their first restaurant in the region at Doraha on National Highway No.1, 15 km from. The restaurant covers an area of 3,500 sq feet and has a large parking area that can accommodate 100 cars. It can be said the first ‘drive in’ restaurant for the city.

After deliberating whether to open McDonalds in Chandigarh or Ludhiana, it was decided by the company that a Highway McDonalds at Doraha was a better choice in terms of space. Many people from Jalandhar, Amritsar and Ludhiana travel to and fro on National Highway No. 1 and the response is also very good. Moreover people experience the thrill of driving in and driving off with packed food or they use to sit down and enjoy the ambiance.

In cities like Chandigarh and Ludhiana, the image has to be larger than life as people have higher expectations than these in metros. McDonalds Restaurant Doraha is offering unique opportunities to the families, offering fun and games for the children with a motto of McDonalds-quality, service, cleanliness and value for money.