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Mosque Koom Kalan, Ludhiana

Mosque Koom KalanIt is after 60 long years that the azan (the call to Muslims for prayers) has started reverberating in the skies of this small hamlet. The doors of the mosque were opened after local residents led by sarpanch Karnail Singh Kelly handed it over to the Al Habib Charitable Trust on June 25 2007. Although there are no Punjabi Muslims living in the village now, there are quite a number of others who have come here from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as labourers. They have now started offering five-time prayers in the mosque regularly.

The village had a sizeable population of Muslims till 1947. The entire population migrated to Pakistan after Partition. The people who had migrated here from Pakistan converted the mosque into a gurdwara. It was used as a gurdwara till 1971 when the locals constructed a new gurdwara there. Since then, the mosque had remained closed.

It has been claimed that there were about 25,000 mosques in the united Punjab (Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh) at the time of Partition. Most of these were closed or converted into temples or gurdwaras. However, over a period of time, about 4,000 mosques had been opened and returned to the community. The Jama Masjid of Ludhiana was also returned to the Muslims at the behest of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru.