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Boat Club, Ludhiana

Lying closed for the past almost ten years, the Children’s Boating Club in the Nehru Rose Garden here is crying for attention. All this while, it was not in a functioning condition because the bed and banks of the lake had developed cracks and water had begun seeping into the ground. Now, after the Municipal Corporation has repaired the lake, the boats bought for sailing have been rendered unfit for use as these had been lying unattended for the past couple of years in a corner of the garden.

The Children’s Boat Club was constructed in 1979 and inaugurated on November 14, 1979, to mark the celebrations of the International Year of the Child. It had always remained a prestigious project not only for the Rose Garden authorities but also for the regular visitors to the garden. After functioning in a normal manner for several years, the small lake developed problems. Due to erosion of soil and burrowing by rats and other animals, the banks of the lake developed cracks and even holes. Similar was the fate of its bed.

Ludhiana citizens are still being assured that the boat club would start functioning shortly.

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