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Religious Landmarks of Ludhiana

LUDHIANA is mini India. No other country has given birth to as many religions and religious orders as India has done. No other region on this globe has provided the necessary spiritual climate to other religions for growth as this subcontinent did in the past and is doing at present. Ludhiana is a step ahead. At the time of partition almost the entire Muslim population migrated to their homeland. Believe it or not, at present more than four lakh Muslims live in the metro.

The city is an index of India. It has a sizable Christian community. Some are locals or regionals, some hail from West Bengal, Nagaland and Mizoram. A substantial percentage belongs to Kerala, Goa and Tamil Nadu. Some of the Christians are notable persons in the education and medicine fields.

Ludhiana stands as a symbol of Green Revolution. It is a nursery of eastern religions. It is at present the heartland of the many times reduced Punjab. Despite pollution, Ludhiana is madly in love with life. Its temples, gurdwaras, mosques and churches manifest human bonds.

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