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Ludhiana Industry

The level of an industrial development generally determines the economic development of a nation or a region. Ludhiana, which has done remarkably well in the field of agriculture, is now well on its way to rapid industrialization through coordinated development of Small, Medium and Large scale industries. Ludhiana has a predominance of small-scale industry thanks to the indomitable spirit and entrepreneurial skills of Punjabis. Ludhiana is universally famous as the Manchester of India & as Industrial Capital of Small Scale Industry in the country. The origin of the town can be traced to the year 1481 A.D. when the Lodhis established their fort here.

There was barely any industry worth name in the year 1947 in Ludhiana. The Muslims, which represented the major working force in the industry, migrated to West Pakistan leaving a great space to be filled up. The refugees, who came from West Pakistan after partition & settled at Ludhiana, were very enterprising & hard working. They straightaway took up the industry business enterprises for their lively hood & this was the beginning of industrial development of the city.

A conductive atmosphere for the growth of industry is apparently visible now. Lot of investment is coming up in industrial ventures may be from Punjab or from outside Punjab. A large number of units have come up both in small scale as well as in large & medium scale sector.

A range of items such as cycle and cycle parts, sewing machines and components, automobiles parts and accessories hosiery and knitwear goods, industrial fasteners, machine tools and components rubber goods, woolen garments, electronic goods etc. are being produced in the small-scale sector. The industry in large and Medium sector is producing items as bicycles, hosiery goods, vanaspati, tyres, tubes, electronic goods, steel and alloy steel castings, beer, sugar, flour rice/rice bran oil and cattle feed etc.

Major Industrial Groups of Ludhiana

Hero Hero Group
The success of the Hero Group lies in the determination and foresight of the Munjal brothers, who shared their vision with their workers and led the Group to a position where its name has become synonymous with top-quality two wheelers.

The flame kindled by the Munjal brothers in 1956 with the flagship company Hero Cycles; Mr. Satyanand Munjal, Mr. Brijmohan Lal Munjal and Mr. O. P. Munjal continue to carry the torch and are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the Hero Group.

The saga is being continued with the same zeal by the second and third generations of the family and by the large working force of the Hero Group. The spirit of enterprise, which dominates the progress of the Group, is characteristic of the land where it all began - the City of Ludhiana, in Punjab - home to some of lndia's finest workers and entrepreneurs.

The Hero Group is a thriving example of three generations of a family working and striving together to ensure quality, satisfaction and extensive growth.

Oswal Oswal Group
Oswal Group is a premier Textile Group of Northern India having its Corporate Office situated at Ludhiana, Punjab (India). The Organization has existence for last 40 years with core competency of Spinning. We were earlier part of the Vardhman Group but after family settlement between two brothers in 2003, we have named ourselves as Oswal Group. The Group has mainly into Spinning & Dyeing of all types of Yarn in different blends & manufacturing of Garments. The Group has ambitious plan to diversify in future but mainly in textiles related activities.

Nahar Group Nahar Group
Nahar Group, established in 1949 surges ahead to establish itself as a reputed Industrial conglomerate with a wide ranging portfolio from Spinning, Knitting, Fabrics, Hosiery Garments to Sugar.

The group has spinning capacity of 0.4 millions spindles with turnover of $450 million inclusive of export turnover of $115 million. The production facilities have been awarded ISO 9002/IS 14002 Certification and Okotex Certification. The Markets of the Nahar group are crisscrossed all over the globe. The objective is meeting the buyer’s expectations with consistent quality backed by R&D divisions equipped with latest equipment, cream of highly qualified technocrats adhering to timely schedules.

Avon Cycles Avon Cycles
Established half a century ago. Avon today is a household name. Consistently providing the common man his means of transport at affordable prices, the house of Avon has contributed their mite in satisfying his need for mobility pollution free and user friendly.

Placed on a 75,000 square meters site in the Cycle Capital of India. Avon is a truly integrated bicycle manufacturer rolling out an impressive 1.5 million trueborn machines per annum: most modern plants and machinery systems, comparable to the best in the world, make it possible.

Beyond the Indian shores, AVON goes to more than 80 countries worldwide. In Bicycles and Bicycle parts, the company distinguishes itself as the Largest Exports from India. That the company has enjoyed this status now for five years running speaks of the brand’s ever growing popularity overseas. The Government of India as a `Golden Trading House recognizes Avon.

Ralson Ralson
With professional expertise and thoroughness in every operation, Ralson today stands tall as India's largest company in the field of bicycle & Automobile tyres, tubes and bicycle components. Ralson is the first and only Bicycle Tyre manufacturer in India to be accredited with an ISO 9001 Certification. Led from the front by Mr. Sanjeev Pahwa, Chairman-Cum-Director, Ralson is taping the full potential of booming global market and the promising domestic scenario. Company's turnover has shot up from US $ 65.27 m in 2004 surpassing the industry's annual growth rate.