Note : Stockists & Suppliers of export quality leather covers.
HI-511 Saddel 90x3 full roadstar
juvenile leather saddel 90x3 black/brown hide top. Twisted coil spring, Tripple base wire.Enamel/Chrome finish.
HI-524 Saddel BMX
Saddle long nosesolid top.
HI-512 Saddel 90x2 full roadstar
juvenile leather saddel 90x2 black/brown hide top. Single coil spring, Double base wire.Enamel/Chrome finish.
HI-525 Saddel MTB
MTB/ATB Saddle vinvl top. Colour to order.
HI-513 Saddel Ranger Type
MTB vinyl top with double action coil springs (RANGER)
HI-526 Saddel MTB/BMX
PVC top Anatomical saddle. Colour to order.
HI-514 Saddel Ranger Type
MTB Double action plastic base.Vinyl top colours to order.
HI-527 Saddel MTB
MTB/ATB PVC base, Wire BCP. Colour to order.
HI-515 Saddel Ladies
Rubber base SLR single coil spring vinyl top colours to order.
HI-528 MTB Senior
MTB/ATV Saddle PVC base, With PU Foam Mattresses. Colour to order.
HI-516 Saddel SLR
Rexine top two tone with polyfoam padded.Rear coil spring.Ladies saddle PVC base.Colour to order.
HI-529 Saddel 16"
Rexine top 16"
HI-517 Saddel Ladies
Ladies saddle PVC baseColour to order.
HI-541 Seat pillar
Seat Pillar with or without knurling, sizes to order,(a) standard (b) Bent type chrome plated (c) With knurling, (d) Bent type.
HI-518 Saddel Scooter type
Rexine top latto spring
HI-542 Seat clip
Seat Clip design to order. (a) Seat cilp complete with axel. Nuts , Plates ,ZP without stopper.(b) Seat clip complete with axel. Nuts , Plates ,ZP with stopper.(c) With sheet moduled lever.
HI-519 Saddel Universal
Pvc top single coil spring
HI-543 Seat Axel Quick Release
Seat Axel quick realease with PVC moduleded Lever (a) All steel.(b) With plastic Lever.(c) With Sheet moduled Lever.
HI-520 Saddel Golden Eagle
Saddle MTB W/Ref, Golden Eagle
HI-544 Saddle Spares
Twisted Coil spring BCP. (b) Latoo Spring BCP. (c) Single coil spring (d) Front loop spring (e) Triple base wire with bridge fitted with BCP bolt (f) Front loop spring with pin (g) Bridge. (h) Upper base wire. (i) Saddle nose (j) Z clip. (k) Back plate. (l) Base spring. (m) Rivets (n) Seat axle. (o) Seat spring bolt & nut.
HI-521 Saddel French
French type PVC injection top. Steel frame BCP.Tension springs steel wire.
HI-522 Saddel Withs pads
F Plastic base vinyl top. Colours to order.
HI-523 Saddel BMX Eagle
BMX Eagle print long nose.
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