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Ludhiana Media


The newspaper is the most potent and the effective media of Ludhiana, as in most of the other parts of the nation. Newspapers from the Ludhiana tend to display the commentaries about Ludhiana’s sports and facilitate the general flock by flashing the news related to Ludhiana politics, business, entertainment, travel and etc. The Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Indian Express, Punjab Kesari, Dainak Jagran, Amar Ujala, Punjabi Ajit are the most effective, popular and well-admired media from Ludhiana.

Apart from National Channels like Zee TV, Star TV etc, there are local players also. SITI Cable, Citi Home & Win Cable beam the leading television channels of the mega city of Ludhiana. As a matter of fact all these TV channels are admired by the greater part of population of Ludhiana.

Media Services

Indian Express (English) Newspaper Sarabha Nagar Market 2747138
The Tribune (English/Punjabi) Newspaper Bhadaur House Market 2707410-15
The Hindustan Time (English) Newspaper Ghumar Mandi 2407113
Punjab Kesari (Hindi) Newspaper   2609711
The Times of India (English) Newspaper Model Town 2429372, 2426401
The Ajit (Punjabi) Newspaper Bhadaur House Market 2751002, 2750900
Dainak Jagran (Hindi) Newspaper Sarabha Nagar Market 2678762
Amar Ujala (Hindi) Newspaper Near Clock Tower 2409651 (Web) Website Bhadaur House Marker 098728-18618
Jagbani Newspaper Near Clock Tower  
The Egalitarian (English) Newspaper    
Siti Cable Local Cable Brown Road  
Win Cable Local Cable Fountain Chowk 2430688, 2430699
Citi Home Cable Local Cable Lakkar Bazar