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Improvement Trust, Ludhiana


Ludhiana Improvement Trust was established in the year 1958 under the Punjab Town Improvement Act 1922. This office was established with the objective to achieve planned, growth & development for the residents of Ludhiana. Till date it has taken up 33 development schemes in various parts of city covering an area of 2850 acres approximately.

Designation Office Phone No.
Chairman 2406667
E.O. 2412666,2400666


Municipal Corporation (MCL)

The city Municipal Council was established in the year 1870. After the partition in 1947, the city was allotted a special status in view of its central location in the divided Punjab and thus emerged as the industrial nuclei in this part of the country. Since then there has been tremendous increase in the city population and the city became one of the fastest growing cities of India. The Municipal Corporation was formed in 1976 under the Punjab Municipal Act, 1976. Today the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana is one of the biggest corporations of Northern India with the population of about 18.7 million with staff strength of approximately 7000 employees.

The annual income of the Municipal Corporation has increased from Rs.92.45 Cr. in the year 1997-98 to Rs. 210.43 Cr. in the year 2004-2005 & Rs. 264.30 Cr. in the year 2005-2006. During the last five years the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana has witnessed a rapid financial growth of 7.98%. The major sources of income for the Corporation are Octroi collection, House Tax, Water and Sewerage Charges, Excise duty, Octroi on Electricity etc. The Municipal Corporation Ludhiana is one of the few Corporations in the country where the expenditure of Establishment and Contingency 35% of the income. This leaves more than 60% of the income to be spent on development works.

Achievements of Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana in the recent years:

Other Available infrastructure:

Designation Office Phone No.
Mayor 2746554, 2747710
Deputy Mayor 2740622
Commissioner, MC 2747134, 2740551
Joint Commissioner, MC 2742929
Joint Commissioner, MC 2740406
Asst. Commissioner, MC 2545877
SE Civil (B&R) Div. I 2748959
SE Civil (B&R) Div. II 2745776
XEN Electrical 2430499
XEN Horticulture 2446317
XEN Maintenance 2745560
XEN Panchayati Raj 2447840