Celling Decoration Best For:

GALAXY ROOF Concept and these Designed Ceiling always give utmost Satisfaction, Comfort and Pleasant Sleep to the Customers.
These Stars Designed Ceiling Attract Everybody's Attention and this Contcept is an Added Attraction to the Art-Lovers.
When the Lights go Off, you Feel the Sudden Appearance of Ster-Let Sky on your Ceiling.
Every Body Feels Sweet of their Mother's Love as the Sky.
Galaxy Roofs Paints are not Harmuful to Any Warm Blooded Animals/People/Pets etc Ant no Side Effects. It does not Effect the Eyes or the Health of the People. It's Non-Toxic, Non-Radioactive, & Non-Radiaton Chemicals like Earth alkaline aluminates and Zinc sulfides. Glaxyroofs paints just absords the light source from UV lights, Black Lights, Sunlights and Florescent Light (i.e. Tube Light or Bar Light) and Emits Light When the Electrical Lights are Put off (in Pitch Dark Conditions)

Aneel Arora
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Resi.: Chhawni Mohalla, Ludhiana-8.
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