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Nirdosh – A School for Mentally Challenged Children, Ludhiana, Punjab

Nirdosh is an institute exclusively for the mentally challenged. It is the realization of a dream and vision of a handful of ladies belonging to the Inner Wheel Club of Ludhiana.Nirdosh - A School for Mentally Challenged Children (Ludhiana) There being no school for such children in the Ludhiana town & recognizing its dire need, it was started on 2nd October 1978 in the premises of Deepak Hospital. The space was available courtesy Mr. Sohan Lal. It has survived through donations collected by the members of the club year after year, enjoying no formal grant from the Government. Today it has grown up in stature and facilities accorded. Various dignitaries like Mother Teresa, Mrs. Sushila Rastogi, Mrs. Maya Ray, Mrs. Gargi Devi, Mrs. Rama Chibber, Swami Gurpreet Hari & other ministers & bureaucrats etc. have visited the institution from time to time.

Today on date, Nirdosh has its own building situated in the Rotary Bhawan, Sarabha Nagar, adjoining Deepak Hospital with five class rooms, a workshop, a Physiotherapy room, an office and a playground. The strength of the school varies from fourty to fifty in regular routines, with five to ten in the home management programme.

The school’s expenses are met through social support. It has sufficient qualified teachers with a special educator as the Principal. Adequate arrangements are made for conveyance. Teachers are sent for regular reorientation programmes. Regular workshops are held with qualified experts on the subject for parents and teachers. Rehabilitation & co curricular activities form an integral part of the curriculum. Inner wheel members celebrate all the festivals with the children.

In this school, children are trained to read, write, draw and paint, and also to recognize articles. They are made conversant with the concept of weight, time and money. They are also trained to perform their daily cores without anybody’s help.