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Ludhiana Management Association (LMA)

In late 70s, even a thought about global markets and global competition would have been termed as ridiculous. To think global didn't suit us, given the amount of protection by state. But now with dismantling of borders, entrepreneurs find themselves very much in the midst of cutthroat global competition. Suddenly the cost and quality competition has attained new proportions. It is not that the cost and quality were not thought of before but the competition was localized and limited and so were efforts in pursuing for cost and quality effectiveness.

Entrepreneurs today are under tremendous pressure on account of global forces to change and adapt fast to survive, sustain and grow. Writing on the wall is very clear. It is " Change or Perish" .It is a hard but true fact that the present fast changing face of the world economy has found us wanting on many fronts and has literally taken winds out of us.

Kudos to the founding fathers of Ludhiana Management Association (LMA) that they were able to foresee the paradigm shift that was in the offing in the Indian industrial and business sector at that time only. In real sense, the birth of LMA in 1978 was a step towards facing and conquering these very unforeseen challenges, which we today find ourselves surrounded with.

Objectives of LMA:

LMA Activities:
In 1978, LMA as an association was something special and new for the businessmen and entrepreneurs of Ludhiana. It had a goal that set it apart from most other organizations. For the first time they had got a forum to place their views and concerns and also got an opportunity to listen to the views and interact with eminent personalities from various walks of life regarding purely intellectual, business, industry and economy related issues. It goes to the credit of LMA that from the very start, it has remained completely focused and committed to individual, team and organizational transformation through research-based pragmatic approaches to change & development and professionalism of management.

LMA does this by identifying and selecting proven best practices from successful enterprises around and offering this expertise in a variety of ways; through get together, thought provoking seminars, discussions, conferences, lecture cum dinner meetings and development cum training programs in which LMA invites and interacts with professional consultants and eminent personalities from various walks of life to share their thoughts and experiences on diverse intellectual, management, business and industrial issues. These interactions give excellent food for thought and a management experience not taught in books to members. Also they play pivotal roles both as means and end to management development of the regions.