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Ludhiana Hand Tools Association

Ludhiana Hand Tool Association was initially started as an Informal Association in 1990. But gradually it transformed into a Formal Association in 1993, when the initial members realized the need for a collective effort towards competing with the global giants, who were causing a threat of extinction to The Hand Tools Manufacturers in Ludhiana. Collective efforts and knowledge sharing by the initial members gave a new impetus to the Hand Tools Industry of Ludhiana who were able to achieve a 30-40% growth rate each year ever since.

Started with a meager 10-member association in 1990, it has now reached a figure of over 100 members. Ludhiana Hand Tools association now proudly boasts of its highest production capacity in India, which is more than 55% of the total Indian Hand Tools Production.

Realizing the cost constraints, global competition and need of regular development, Ludhiana Hand Tools Industry has collectively been able to get the Indian Governments approval to start Institute of Auto Parts and Hand Tools. This institute will help the Ludhiana Hand Tools Industry to develop new products and technology, which will be the driving force for the industry in the times to come.