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Dhan-Pothohar Brotherhood Punjab India

Dhan-Pothohar BrotherhoodDhan-Pothohar Brotherhood is purely Socio-Cultural Body, whose main focus is an integration of the split and spread out community. It wants to build the bridge of common heritage. Its immediate concern is to remember the unique good, our ancestors did. Dhan Pothohar region is known as a cradle of civilization having rich heritage. Dhan-Pothohar is a fortunate & fertile land, which produced galaxy of great men in every walk of life.

This cultural body was founded by its President N.S. Nanda, under the patronage of Hon’ble Mr. I.K. Gujral, Former Prime Minister of India, himself hailing from Jehlum. It also enjoys constant inspiration of Mr. K.S. Duggal, M.P., gifted with genuine grace of Dhan-Pothohar. The Dhan Pothohar Brotherhood is actively working for the discovery of roots and value of Heritage by building bridges of understanding. It organizes conferences and seminars to promote culture and fine arts.

The main Aims & Objects of Dhan Pothohar Brotherhood are: