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Composition of Civil Defence:
The Chief Warden (Volunteer) is the top-ranking Volunteer in a district. A Deputy Chief Warden assists him.

A District is divided into divisions. Normally, one division covers a population of one-lac persons. The Divisional Warden (volunteer) is the top ranking volunteer of the division. Deputy Divisional Warden and other Wardens assist him.

A division is further divided into posts commanded by the Post Warden and a post is divided into sectors commanded by Sector Wardens. All of them are responsible on the one side to the Zonal Controllers, Group Controllers and Controller and on the other to the Director civil Defence, and SSO (CD).

Composition of manpower in a Civil Defence division
There are 543 CD Volunteers in a Division of One lakh population. The constitution of a team of 543 Volunteers is as under: -
(a) Divisional Warden - 01
(b) Dy. Divisional Warden - 02
(c) Post Warden - 10
(d) Dy. Post Warden - 10
(e) Sector Warden - 100
(f) Post Messenger - 20
(g) Member, House Fire party - 400
Total 543
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