Product Profile
It is durable and fully detachable as it rests on Nuts/Bolts system (Dismantlable Type)
Enclosure has the provision for proper cooling system.
There is sufficient air for engine aspiration and proper heat dissipation as the fans maintain proper cross flow.
We have specially designed Residential Silences which maintain low noise level.
Enclosure have anti vibration mountings and expansion bellows which maintain low vibrations.
Enclosure is of user friendly design i.e.
  1. Easy Maintenance - Doors provided as all sides.
  2. Easy Monitoring - Inspection Window is Provided.
  3. Easy Handling & Easy Transportation.
  Product Range
2 KVA to 250 KVA

63 KVA
Tecnical Specification of Accoustic Enclosure
  • Silent DG Set container is of modular construction with the provision to assemble and dismantle easily at site.
  • The enclosure is fabricated out of CRCA sheet of suitable thickness.
  • Enclosure is polyester based powder coated (inside as well outside).
  • Nut Bolts & hardware are Zinc coated.
  • The doors are gasketed with EPDM gaskets to avoid leakage of sound.
  • The door handles are lockable type.
  • Sound proofing of enclosure is done with high quality rock wool, mineral wool confirming to IS 8183,50 mm thickness and destiny at 96 Kg/M3.
  • The rock wool is further covered with fiberglass cloth and perforated powder coated sheet.
  • Specially designed attenuators are provided to control sound at air entry to the container and exit from the container.
  • Adequate ventilation is provided to meet air requirement and air charges.
  • 75 DB a noise level at 1 meter as per central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
  • Emergency stop push button is provided outside the container.
  • A tube rod for providing light inside the canopy is fitted.
Contact Person:
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