The Internationally proven supplement containing the Natural substance Glucosamine which helps regenerate Cartilage and Synuvial Fluid in joints.

Each capsule contains
Glucosamine HCL 750 mg.
Ascorbic acid IP 125 mg.
Boswellia 75 mg.


One capsule twice daily with meals.

How Glucosamine Works

Cartilage plays a big role in how Glucosamine Works
All joints depend upon the cartilage that exists within the joint. A unique substance, cartilage does not get its nutrition from blood. Hence it must derive it from nutrients moving in the body fluids. Pressures on the disk move the fluid portion of the cartilage about, thus helping it to draw this nutrition more easily. It also protects from excessive wear and tear.

So How Exactly Does Glucosamine Work?

As we age, cartilage loses its ability to hold water. Glucosamine makes Synovial fluid thick and gelatinous, which allows it to hold more water. This increases its cushioning ability. Thus Glucosamine has the ability to decrease friction and pain in the joint.


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