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What is LudhianaDistrict.Com ?
LudhianaDistrict.Com is a venture promoted by Mr. I.B.S. Nanda of M/s. Hotel Nanda, Ludhiana, under Nanda Marketing Network with a righteous purpose:

  • To Provide the information of all Services and Products manufactured in Ludhiana District to the International and Domestic Markets.
  • To Help the customers from all over the world to locate the manufacturer of any product very Easily, Economically, Efficiently & Expediently.
  • To assist the Ludhiana Business Society to have an International exposure at reasonable prices, as now it has become all the more Important for all the Organizations to update their Products & Services to both the Local & Global Customers.
  • To Cover all the Important Services of Ludhiana like Health Services, Education, Manufacturers, Importers/Exporters, Historical Places, Entertainment, Trade, Tourism, Accommodation, Hotels & Clubs etc.

Benefits of Advertising on LudhianaDistrict.Com

  • LudhianaDistrict.Com is the only comprehensive site on the Service Industry and Business Community of Ludhiana.
  • LudhianaDistrict.Com has an extensive user base, which guides your customers to your website, that would give enhanced visibility not only to your products but also to your entire business.
  • LudhianaDistrict.Com is the most suitable place for posting advertisement about your products.
  • LudhianaDistrict.Com targets your potential customers and provide them information about your products & services.

    Advantages of Being Online
  • Buyers are on the lookout for you at Internet- Internet accessibility has no time and place limitations. As such, buyers are turning increasingly to Internet to look for product Information. On Internet, you can provide an actual demonstration of your product along with complete information about it.
  • Internet Cuts Costs - Products are available at reduced costs at online business organizations. The money, which would have been spent on traditional distribution channels, it saved and the custome gets benefit in the form of reduced costs.
  • Online - Your customer can access your business information anywhere, anytime.
  • Interactive - High interactivity gives Internet the 'here and now' quality. You can link with your potential and existing customers & get their feedback instantly.
  • Internet Cuts Across the Geographical and Regional Barriers - Within a span of seconds; your product information is carried across the globe.
  • Internet is a Creative Medium - the users of Internet are not passive users and they actively seek and manipulate information to suit their needs. This along with high creativity makes Internet a wonderful medium for advertising.